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Do you have a health guarantee?

Yes, please see prices / guarantee menu item on our website for a copy of the health guarantee.


Do you do genetic testing?

Yes, see the links on the dog pages for PDF reports.


How does the puppy pick order work?

Pick order is based on the order each deposit is receive. Please see available puppy page for a complete explanation.


How does the deposit work? Is it refundable?

Please see available puppy page for a complete explanation.


How do I make a deposit?

You can make a deposit in one of three ways.

  • PayPal: See the link on puppy page.

  • Walmart Transfer: Call or text us for instructions. It's easy.

  • Mail: Send check or money order.


When do I get to pick up my puppy?

Typically the puppies are ready at eight weeks and we try to get everyone out over a one week period to pick.


Are the parents onsite?

Yes, they are onsite and you can meet them.


Can I come see the puppies before eight weeks?

Due to health concerns, we do not allow visits until the puppies have received all of their shots.

Do you remove dew claws?

While some may deem these thumb-like parts useless, they do serve a purpose. They help dogs grip bones or food. They also help dogs gain a little more stability when they run. Some owners who plan to sign their Labrador’s up for agility like the dewclaws intact as these parts help support lower legs while doing tight turns. Further, in some countries it’s illegal to remove them and considered cruel. We feel this decision is best made by the new owner.

What do we feed the puppies?

Purina Puppy Chow

Are the puppies potty trained?

We do not potty trained the puppies, since it is recommended to start training from 12-16 weeks. It is not difficult at all and puppies can learn very quickly. 

Are the puppies obedience trained?

We do not obedience train the puppies. It is recommended to start training around 6 months. 

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