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Our differentiator is "Ranch to Plate". The calf we sell has been born, raised, and finished on the ranch. No exceptions! We know everything about the calf. We don't have to take anyone's word for it. If a calf gets sick and needs antibiotics, then he never enters the feed program. We don't use hormone implants. We use sustainable agriculture practices to manage our pastures. We encourage natural pasture vs monoculture crops and grasses. We rarely use herbicide on our pastures and never insecticides. We strive for naturally raised beef that we raise on green pasture and finish on grain for the last 90 days prior to processing. All natural!


Our ranch is located in Montague County about an hour NW of Fort Worth, TX. The ranch consists of about 650 acres that include many pastures of both native and improved varieties of grasses. The ranch pastures are very bio-diverse.


Great beef starts with great genetics. Our cow herd is from many generations of registered Angus stock that were born and raised here at the ranch. Each calf entering our "Ranch to Plate" program is born from this herd right here at the ranch. No cattle are brought in. The calves are of high quality and have excellent marbling and taste characteristics. You will not be disappointed. It's unlike anything you will find at the grocery store. It's what the true beef eating experience should be.  

We know there is a lot of interest in grass fed beef and we understand that when compared to the conventional feed yard model. There are a lot of concerns about the conventional feed yard growing and finishing model. We share those same concerns. However, we feel like a 100% grass raised and finish model is not the answer. Our pasture raised and grain finished model is a great compromise giving us the benefits of both models.  The calf is going to grow naturally on native pasture for all but the last 90 days. During the 90 day period we will add grain to their diet to enhance the fat content and marbling of the meat. This ensures that quality beef eating experience that we all love. 


Our program is different than most as we raise our own calves and have a limited number of calves that enter the feed program each year. We have developed our "Pay as We Grow" program to be more of a partnership with families. There is monthly fee charged to your credit card each month with a true up once we have a hanging weight at the processor. You pay as the calf grows. This approach allows for families to easily budget for this expenses with little to no additional expense once the calf is ready. It also locks in today's prices for the beef. 

Our program also requires an ongoing / long term relationship with your family. Once you get your first beef you continue monthly payments that start applying towards your next beef. Your next calf will be ready in 24-30 months so you have plenty of time to enjoy the beef in your freezer and make room for your next beef. The cycle continues every two years. You have an opt out period in your contract. 

Steps / Timelines

1.) You setup an account and provide credit card information through Paypal. They will automatically charge your credit card each month. 

2.) On average our calves will be about 6 months old on initial sign up so you will have about a 18-24 month initial wait period. This will allow time for the calf to grow and give time for your account to grow as well.

3.) We will call you when the calf is ready and ask you to call the processor and give them your cut order. They will work through the cut order with you. 

4.) We will deliver your calf to the processor and get a dressed / hanging weight a few days later. We will also know the processing cost at this point. Processing costs might vary based on your cut order, but it's typically $1.00 / lb. 

5.) We will look at your account and do a true up based on hanging weight, cost of processing, and your account balance. This amount will be due before you pick up your beef. 

6.) You will pick up your frozen beef from processor in about two to three weeks. The beef is aged 14-21 days prior to butchering. 


It's hard to say with certainty given fluxuations in beef prices. However, I would project retail beef prices will continue to increase or stay elevated through the foreseeable future especially considering the current inflation. So the beef you book today will likely be more costly in a few years when you receive your beef therefore saving you money. Also, the quality of the meat is far superior to that of the grocery store. It's more comparable to what you might get at a quality steak house. The taste and fat levels are just right! There is also a lot of developing science around how bio diversity in the pasture translates into improving our health when eaten and its a given that chemical free pastures and hormone free cattle are better for us.


We like our cattle to start finishing during the late winter or early spring. On your initial beef we will look ahead and project it's ready date and give you the total cost based on projected hanging weight and processing costs. We take the total cost and divide by the number of months between now and the finish date. All of this information will be in your contract. 

Projected Costs:

1250 lb Live Weight

750 lb Hanging Weight

$4.00 lb Beef Cost / LB (Hanging)

$3000.00 (750* $4.00)   Beef Cost

$750 Processing Cost

$3750 Total Cost

450 lb Projected Take Home Meat

$8.33 / lb Total Cost Take Home


Currently this meat would cost you about $13-15 / lb at the grocery store. 


Your monthly cost woudl be $156.25 ($3750 / 24). When we have the actual hanging weights and processing cost we will do a true up. It shouldn't be much and there might even be a credit due back to you.


Our contract is a simple written agremment that will specify the projected cost and terms of the true up (if any). It will also include the monthly cost and billing information for monthly billing. The contract will provide terms of the renewal, opt out period, prices increases on the next beef, refund terms, etc. 


Ranch Benefits: 

  • Build long term relationships with our customers.

  • Stretch out revenues to the ranch over the entire year vs. annually. This helps with cash flow and helps manage risk in our business.

  • Calves under contract help with planning and reduce marketing costs and waste.

  • Better planning with the processor. Many processors are currently over a year out.

Family Benefits:

  • Lock in today's prices. This could be significant with inflation at play. Food is up 10% over the past few years. 

  • Paying monthly allows families to make this part of their monthly grocery budget. 

  • It's financially hard for most families to come up with the total cost of a whole of half beef in a single month. 

  • Food security should be important for families. With rising costs, labor shortages, and supply chain issues it's good to know you have a freezer full of beef to feed your family and another one growing and on the way in 24 months. 


The ranch is only going to produce a limited number of calves each year. We want our operation to be sustainable and we want to make planning as easy as possible with as less risk as possible. Having calves under contract to families is our path forward. Further, we want these families to plan on renewing their contracts after each beef delivery. If you don't think you will fully utilize the half or whole beef during the 24 month period then this program is NOT for your family. We are interested in creating a long term relationships with families that plan to consume a half or whole beef every 24-30 months. If you prefer to order a beef when you need it then there are other ranches that can help you. We do not retain or finish calves that are not under contract. 


We have a spirit to serve and watch families grow. Let us do our part for your family by signing up and filling out the below contract. Feel free to contact Kimberly Duke if you have any questions. 

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